The European Innovation Partnership - Smart Cities and Communities (EIP - SCC)

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The EIP-SCC brings together cities, industry and citizens to improve urban life through more sustainable integrated solutions. This includes applied innovation, better planning, a more participatory approach, higher energy efficiency, better transport solutions, intelligent use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), etc. It is a key initiative with regards EU-China smart city cooperation.

E-Forum is heading EIP-SCC Commitment 5410. Commitment 5410 - utilising the experiences and practice of the highly successful UK smart cities Bristol and Manchester - is focused upon citizen-centricity, a key concept within Chinese smart city strategy, as well as within the EU. It also covers integrated infrastructures and processes across energy, ICT, Transport, integrated planning, policy, regulation and management, standards, baselines and performance indicators and metrics.

Emphasising privacy and interoperability, Commitment 5410 offers E-Forum a unique opportunity to integrate its identity management expertise and involvement with the STORK project into the smart cities sphere. It also fully capitalises on E-Forum's vast experience as a mediator and of forging strong and long-lasting partnerships between EU and Chinese stakeholders, most notably as part of the EU-China Smart Cities project.

Further information on EIP-SCC can be found here.