23 May 2017

The international Porvoo Group will convene in Rome 25–26 May 2017: ELECTRONIC IDENTITY IN A CHANGING WORLD

The international Porvoo Group will convene in Rome, Italy on 25 and 26 May 2017 to discuss and share
information on issues related to electronic identity and safe web services. The theme of the conference is
electronic identity in a changing world.

The conference will focus on strong electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions,
especially on electronic signature. The aim is to achieve more advanced and more interoperable
identification solutions. Recent regulation in the sector and the EU’s projects on identity will also be
introduced in the conference. In addition, the main topics include issues related to privacy protection, such
as identity thefts.

The presentations of the participant countries on national development projects in electronic identification
and digitalisation projects, such as Finland’s electronic Suomi.fi service platform, constitute an important
part of the conference. The joint organisation of Finland and Estonia, to which the development of the
originally Estonian integration solution X-Road will be transferred, will also be introduced. This
cooperation will for its part contribute to cross-border identification.

The group’s 19th conference will be hosted by the Porvoo Group and the Italian public authority Agenzia
per l’Italia Digitale. Its partners are eForum, the EKSISTENZ Project and EEMA, which are European actors
in the field of electronic governance, identity and identification. Representatives from different European
countries, the USA, Japan and Gambia will participate in the conference.

Conference website: http://porvoo19.eu/ 

Download the full press release here.