13 February 2017

Webinar on eID under eIDAS

On 7 March, eIDAS will run a webinar on eID under eIDAS.

The Webinar will:

  • Align all actors on the meaning of being eIDAS compliant;
  • Update on the current eID eIDAS status in Member States;
  • Engage with the private sector by providing concrete examples and use cases;
  • Exchange knowledge about key technological trends impacting the field of electronic identification;
  • And identify the potential collaboration and synergies between the different stakeholders.

The webinar will be open to all stakeholders but it will be particularly relevant to the following actors:

  • eIDAS Member State representatives;
  • EC Policy representatives;
  • Identity providers;
  • Attributes providers;
  • And service providers.

More information can be found here.