Identity Management


Below is information on the identity management-related work E-Forum is currently engaged with. 





E-Forum is now heading the dissemination of EKSISTENZ. EKSISTENZ is a capability project in line with Call 6 of the Security Research Program and specifically with activity 10.1 “Security of Citizens.” The project is also very much focussed upon Topic SEC-2013.1.1-2 - “Stronger Identity for EU citizens.”

In essence, the mission of EKSISTENZ is to deliver a set of innovative and interoperable tools, procedures, methods and processes that will tackle identity theft in the EU. The entire life-cycle of identity will be taken into account and the privacy of citizens will always be considered paramount. In order to demonstrate the achievement of its mission, EKSISTENZ will develop a proof of concept relating to banking/finance that will be proven as scalable and deployable at the national level.

EKSISTENZ combats the identity thief: a thief who today searches through recycled materials, phishes, spoofs, sends scam emails, employs viruses, trojans and key loggers. And EKSISTENZ will do this by creating a real and strong link between the citizen and its primary identity document. EKSISTENZ will: strengthen the existing electronic-based primary identity document and associated bearer authentication method using biometric features and/or prior knowledge about the legitimate holder; derive from the primary identity document secondary identities; verify primary and secondary identities and the bearers of such identities; and use the European network STORK in order to provide bilateral recognition solutions of primary identity between EU member states.

The key objectives of EKSISTENZ are: develop innovative and interoperable components protecting the citizen from identity thieves; assess the technical maturity of the tools by taking into account the outcome results of the proof of concept in a linked governmental/services environment; strengthen citizen privacy by generating trusted and dedicated secondary identity.

The EKSISTENZ website can be found here.


European Observatory on Identity Theft and eCrime



In the upcoming year, a principal focus of E-Forum will be to continue leading the development of the EKSISTENZ European Observatory on Identity Theft and eCrime. The EOITEC will ultimately bring together those active within the relevant research space and across the EU to provide a focal point and repository of knowledge for EKSISTENZ and sister projects along with initiatives such as the Porvoo Group. Already, the close collaboration with the eCRIME project has resulted in the re-titling of the Observatory to EOITEC in order to cover eCrime. It is anticipated that most of the results identified as being capable of exploitation will benefit in some way from the existence of the EOITEC. As it grows, it will also take on a second, “citizen-facing,” persona. The communities of practice, which will determine the shape of the observatory, its final aim and its structure, has been established and it is anticipated that the EOITEC will have a full launch in the autumn of 2016, giving it a good lead-in time to be supported by the EKSISTENZ project, before having to become self-sustaining.

E-Forum will also lead the development of the EOITEC website. The EOITEC website is being launched chiefly to inform the citizen on methods, procedures and possibilities to recover his/her identity after theft, serve as a policy advisor to MSs, advance a common view for European identity protection through guidelines and assistance, build an identity theft think-tank for Europe and beyond and lead the key actors to found the basis of an EOITEC. Preliminary brainstorming has led EKSISTENZ partners to believe the European Observatory on Identity Theft and eCrime website should include sections on EKSISTENZ’s policy framework, EKSISTENZ’s legal framework, EKSISTENZ-related projects, identity theft and the banking sector, identity theft and e-health and the citizens’ perspective on identity theft.

The first version of the EOITEC website will focus on serving the eID community and participants of EKSISTENZ’s communities of practice. Iterations, however, will place increasing emphasis on serving EU citizens and, by extension, citizen-interested stakeholders such as the EC and MSs.


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