E-FORUM is set to lead an ICT2015 (Lisbon, 20-22 October) networking session showcasing successful EU smart city applications within the leading Chinese smart cities and providing an opportunity for interested European parties to secure future across-China deployment. The session will principally utilise a “Dragon’s Den” format - a format which, by introducing a number of SMEs to Chinese companies and smart cities, proved successful during the UK-China Smart Cities project. Further information can be found at https://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/events/cf/ict2015/item.cfm?id=15789.

On 15-17 September, Marseille will host World e-ID and Cyber-Security:  Identification and Protection Services for Government, Mobility and Enterprise.

Above all else, the 11th edition of the World e-ID Congress will highlight the huge potential of the shift from traditional credentials to digital identity services. It will focus on:

  • The most inspiring e-ID roll-outs
  • Leveraging e-ID for eGov and corporate security
  • Key technological advances
  • Cyber-security regulations
  • And cyber-security and critical infrastructures


For further information click here.

 e-Forum is now heading the dissemination of EKSISTENZ.

EKSISTENZ is a capability project in line with Call 6 of the Security Research Program and specifically with activity 10.1 “Security of Citizens.” The project is also very much focussed upon Topic SEC-2013.1.1-2 - “Stronger Identity for EU citizens.”

In essence, the mission of EKSISTENZ is to deliver a set of innovative and interoperable tools, procedures, methods and processes that will tackle identity theft in the EU. The entire life-cycle of identity will be taken into account and the privacy of citizens will always be considered paramount. In order to demonstrate the achievement of its mission, EKSISTENZ will develop a proof of concept relating to banking/finance that will be proven as scalable and deployable at the national level.

EKSISTENZ combats the identity thief: a thief who today searches through recycled materials, phishes, spoofs, sends scam emails, employs viruses, trojans and key loggers. And EKSISTENZ will do this by creating a real and strong link between the citizen and its primary identity document. EKSISTENZ will: strengthen the existing electronic-based primary identity document and associated bearer authentication method using biometric features and/or prior knowledge about the legitimate holder; derive from the primary identity document secondary identities; verify primary and secondary identities and the bearers of such identities; and use the European network STORK in order to provide bilateral recognition solutions of primary identity between EU member states.

The key objectives of EKSISTENZ are: develop innovative and interoperable components protecting the citizen from identity thieves; assess the technical maturity of the tools by taking into account the outcome results of the proof of concept in a linked governmental/services environment; strengthen citizen privacy by generating trusted and dedicated secondary identity.

 The EKSISTENZ website can be found at http://eksistenz.eu/.

The 18th Porvoo Group Conference will be held in Sophia Antipolis, France on 22 - 23 May 2014. The theme of the conference will be electronic identification and cross-border, interoperable online governmental services. The conference will focus on, amongst other things, strong electronic identification regulatory context and state of the art technical developments including the latest approaches. The conference will be organised by the Porvoo Group and ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute.

The event website can be found at the following address where you will also be able to view an agenda for the conference: www.etsi.org/porvoo18 

More information about the Porvoo Group can be found here: www.fineid.fi/en -> Porvoo Group. 

The start of the Europe-China Eco-Cities Link Project was officially announced during the EU-China Urbanisation Forum in Beijing on 21 November 2013.

The challenge
The proportion of people in Chinese cities reached 52.6% in 2012 and will maintain a rapid development in the coming years. Meanwhile the quality and level of China's urbanisation have to be improved. This represents a massive challenge in economical, social and environmental terms for Chinese local decision-makers.

The objectives
The aim of the EC-LINK project is to assist Chinese cities in their endeavour to meet the targets set in the 12th five year plan by providing technical assistance to MoHURD, sharing experiences on sustainable urbanisation and other relevant policies between Europe and China. EC-LINK will foster better information exchange, promote the outputs of pilot and demonstration
projects, help Chinese and European cities and their groupings to link-up as well as providing toolboxes and give guidance to cities on ecological and low-carbon solutions.

The final NiCE roadshow will take place on November 14th and 15th in Amsterdam. The location of this event will be Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam . The event aims to bring together specialists and leaders around Smart Cities and Green ICT development to discuss the subject of public-private cooperation on green digital development and visit and study some of Amsterdam's best examples of "smart & sustainable projects".

More information for the event can be found here and you can register free of charge here.

Information about NiCE roadshows and previous events can be found here.

11 - 12 June 2013, London

OVUM and INFORMA TELECOMS & MEDIA have organised a next generation FutureCities event to be held on the 11th and 12th June 2013 in Dexter House, London.

The organisers state:
"Too many smart city conferences do not distinguish between what is possible in developed countries as opposed to emerging economies. Equally, many focus on a futurist vision of what may be possible in the future and not what we can do now. This is often compounded by not giving enough emphasis on the practical roadmap to implementing a future city and how you measure success. We aim to fill those gaps.